Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weeks 16-19

Let me start by saying sorry for the lapse in posting. Life is getting hectic! Everything is going great with the pregnancy and the babies are growing and kicking like crazy. We went for our big u/s on 9/10 and I am proud to announce we are having 2 GIRLS!!! Yaay! I was totally convinced they were boy /girl but girl/girl is fine with me. My husband wanted at least one boy but he is excited to have two little princesses who will worship him. LOL

We are coming to the point where it is time to start a registry. Can I just say, Holy overwhelming, Batman! Who knew there was SO MUCH to choose from!!! my MIL and Aunt in laws are throwing me a shower. I am very excited for the party but getting a registry together for it is proving harder than I had imagined. Everything is so cute but I want stuff that will be able to take a beating. If these girls are like I was when I was little, durable is the name of the game! LOL. It is also time to start signing up for childbirth and baby care classes. Eventhough I am a nurse I totally feel like I know nothing about caring for babies. It is one thing to take care of someone else's kids, quite another to take care of your own!

So, Monday we have another appointment with the OB. Time to talk delivery plans!! Woohoo! I have been doing a lot of thinking about this. I want to have a c-section b/c I am not pushing these kids out naturally. Plus, they are laying sideways. Always have. I doubt they will move. It's possible but doubtful. I want to deliver at the private hospital (see previous posts) but not sure if the OB will agree. Lots to be discussed.. We also have an appointment with the Perinatalogist. I am interested to see what she says! According to the OB, she is "quite thorough and picky" Good traits to have in her business, I think. I am also hoping she is nice. It makes a huge difference when the docs are nice and willing to listen to all concerns...

Well, that is all for now. Talk at you all later!! Next week is the big 2-0! Yaay! Hope everyone has a great week!