Tuesday, June 23, 2009

7 Weeks!

Another week and a big suprise at today's U/S!!! You all are NOT going to believe this. So, we are in the u/s room nervous as hell. I am scared they are going to tell me the baby is not viable, while DH is scared they are going to tell us there is like 4 babies in there. Guess who was right?!?! Well, it wasn't me (Thank goodness)!!!!! That's right! I am pregnant with QUADS!!!!! We saw all 4 HBs today and all I can say is Holy Sh*t! But, after much deliberation and whole lot of freaking out we have come to the conclusion that given my medical history and eveything that I really cannot carry 4 babies to term and that we are going to reduce by 2. It's a tough decision but my doctor agrees that it is the right decision. As much as I would love to keep all four, it just isn't possible. I also think that it just wouldn't be fair to leave my hubby with 4 babies to care for on his own. I would much rather be alive and be able to care for twins. So, this means we are going to have twins!! That is pretty awesome.

I am doing a lot of research on multiples and such so this should be interesting. Stay Tuned!! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 weeks!

So far, so good. The nausea is coming more frequent now but no actual vomiting so that's good. I am beyond exhausted and the funny thing is it hit me on Sunday like a ton of bricks! I was feeling fine until then. One more week until my 1st OB u/s and I am going crazy!! I just want to know that everything is ok! I am starting to get scared that something is wrong.. I have absolutely NO reason to think that but I just think it's because the last time didn't go so well. I pray everyday for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. We still haven't told the families yet (except my mom).. It's so weird keeping this secret from them. My MIL is always asking us if anything new is going on and we keep saying "Oh, nothing..." We decided that next week, after the appointment when are sure everything is ok, that we will tell everyone. I can't wait to see/hear their reactions!

I also keep thinking about the possibility of multiples.. This worries me a little. I have decided that I would be ok with twins or even triplets but not sure what I would do or how I would feel about higher order multiples.. DH is freaked out over the thought of quads or quints. Twins, I think, would be a lot of work but a lot of fun at the same time. I know even just one baby is a lot of work and DH and I are totally ready for it! I guess we will see on the 23rd what God has in store for us!

Hope everyone has a great day! Talk at you all later!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Third IUI's a charm!

That's right! I am pregnant! I feel like I was just posting this a few weeks ago. Well, this time I think we have a good one. My beta came back at a whopping 2,477 at 18dpIUI!! I was shocked! I have never seen it that high! The RE was pleased and they said they weren't going to do anymore blood work. My 1st OB u/s is on 6/23. I am soooo excited, nervous, scared, happy, worried.. All at once! I cannot believe this is happening! Yaaaay!!!

My mom is still convinced there are 3 in there. I am not so sure. 1 healthy one is all we need. Although, I have been having a lot of twin dreams lately. Back when I was going for follie checks is when the twin dreams started. We will see! We should know how many are in there on the 23rd! Eeeek! I am soo excited! Have I mentioned that?? So, right now I am about 5 weeks along. At the ultrasound I should be about 7 weeks. I am praying that we can see a HB. OMG! I am so nervous just thinking about the u/s....

Well, that is all for now.. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening! Talk at you all later!