Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weeks 26-27

So, we've made it to the Third Trimester!!! Holy crap! The girls are doing well. Growing and kicking away. It is still hard to believe that they will be here in about 7 weeks or so. 2 more weeks until my baby shower and I cannot wait! Not only am I excited to see everyone and for everyone to see my belly, but it's an opportunity to get out of the house!! I am going crazy over here. I have read all the magazines and books that friends and family have sent me, daytime TV sucks and there is only so much web surfing a girl can do before you start to go a little crazy. I just want to be out amongst the living.. I am grateful to NOT be in the hospital so I will keep my complaining to a minimum. =)

My SIL, BIL and nieces are coming to town next weekend! Once they get here then I will definitely be going places with them. The only thing is that we have to find activities where I can use either a wheelchair or a motorized scooter thingy. I am allowed to walk just not long distances. I am excited to see them and from what I hear, my nieces are excited to feel the girls kicking around. I hope my girls are willing to "play" with their cousins.

Funny thing happened the other night. I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep and feeling the girls move around and kick. My cat comes by and lays down next to me as he usually does. As he laid there he paw rested on my belly. Next thing I know, Baby A starts kicking where his paw is. I don't know if she felt his paw there or it was a coincidence, but Henry (the cat) pulled his paw away and looked at me like "What was that??" I said "Your baby sister is kicking you!" Henry turned his head and put his paw back where he had it. She kicked him again. Same response from Henry. Finally the third time he was like "Ok, I'm done with this." He gets up and moves to DH's side of the bed. It was really funny to see Henry's reaction to the babies.

Tomorrow I have another OB appointment and my Glucose Tolerance Test.. Yum. I am seeing both my OB and the Perinatalogist and that will work out to have an appointment with a doc every week. Works for me. Firstly, it will let me know that the girls are ok and it's something to do! LOL. Just kidding. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. I feel like I just found out I'm pregnant and now we have to start getting ready for them to be born!

Well, that is all for now. Time to get ready to go to MIL's house for Sunday dinner. Hope everyone has a great week! Talk at you all later!! =)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weeks 22-25

Ok, so a lot has happened the last few weeks. We went to the Perinatalogist,Dr. C, and she was REALLY sweet. I was told to eat more often and to reduce my activity amongst other things. She was very supportive and had a great attitude. I really like her. She told me to read this book on what to expect when you are expecting twins. It kinda scared me but I spoke to my regular OB and reassured me that my weight gain was fine and that the babies were perfectly healthy for their gestational age. =)

Last Thursday (10/22) I started feeling some weird pains in my lower abdomen. Nothing timeable or even that painful just these weird sensations. The next day (the 23rd) I had my 24 week ultrasound. We went to the U/S and low and behold I was going into pre-term labor!!! My cervix was shortening and I was dilated to 1 cm! The doc was worried so he sent us to the hospital. When they put me on the monitor I had a few contractions. I was in the hospital for 8 days. I finally came home yesterday around 3:30 pm. I am now on meds to prevent more contractions and on a home contraction monitor. Fun stuff! I am also on modified bedrest which mean I can only walk very short distances and have to spend the majority of my time sitting or laying down. It's kinda boring but the perks are that everything I want is brought to me and most importantly, my babies are safe inside my womb instead of in the NICU. The docs at the hospital said that every day that I stay pregnant, the chances of the babies being born with disabilities goes down 1-2%.

Next week is the only week in November that we won't have any appointments to go to. The following week we have a follow up with Dr.C, our pediatrician interview, another u/s and a baby care class!! This month is going to fly by especially with Thanksgiving around the corner.

My belly is growing everyday! It is so cool to see the babies kick from the outside! DH even got to feel them kick while I was in the hospital. The expression on his face when he felt them was priceless!!! now he wants to feel it all the time! LOL He is so cute. =)

Well, that is all for now. Hope everyone had a great Halloween yesterday and have a wonderful week!