Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Hunting and baby making...

So, lots of stuff has been going on this week so I thought I'd update my readers. Last weekend we went out with our realtor and saw 6 more houses. We found two that we really liked. The only problem was in house #1, the garage did not have an entrance into the house and house #2 had no patio, no updated kitchen and the yard was small... Boo. We were thinking about overlooking those things but after much consideration, we decided we did not want to just "settle" for a house. As my MIL says, the house has to grab you and you have to LOVE it. So it is off to see more houses this weekend. There is one really nice one that I am look foreword to seeing. There is one problem, it's a short sale. That means the owner asked the bank if they could sell it for less than they owed and the bank said yes. So, when the potential buyer puts in an offer it could take up to 6 months to find out if the bank accepts the offer. We'll see what happens.

In baby-making news, I started my Clomid a few days ago. I am starting to get the hot flashes. LOL. I feel like an old lady. haha. Tomorrow I go to my RE so I can get all my paperwork and antibiotics to get ready for my HSG on Friday. I am sooo nervous about the HSG. I am hoping it does not hurt and that they don't find anything too terrible. I am trying to keep in mind that this will up our chances to 40%... G-d please let this be our cycle! I am also hoping it works this time so that I do not have to start injectables. I am not a fan of giving myself shots..

It has been a busy week at work too. I worked overtime yesterday to make a little extra money. I am exhausted! Those patients were running me ragged! LOL.. I am trying to find a more permanent position. This is not as easy as I thought it would be. What happened to the nursing shortage? I thought an experienced RN was a hot commodity. Oh well, my search continues..

Hope everyone is having a great week. I'll let you know how the HSG goes. Talk at you all later!! Thanks for reading this far!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm a bad, bad blogger...

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been 10 days since my last post. Lots going on to update you all on. We had our 2 year anniversary on Wednesday the 14Th and the next morning we flew to Philadelphia to visit family. It was wonderful! On the 16Th I met my BFPB! She is awesome! We had a lot of fun and I was so excited to finally meet her in person. She is as nice and sweet as I had imagined she would be. I hope we can get together again sometime. We flew home on the 19Th. =(

So, we officially have a new President. I was watching the inauguration yesterday and was in awe of the fact that I was watching history in the making. That is soooo cool!! I will have to remember to tell my kids where I was and how I felt to see the first African-American President be sworn into office!!

I went to the RE yesterday too. Another BFN as I had anticipated. I haven't been getting any symptoms so I wasn't totally shocked. The doc wants to try Clomid one more time and if that doesn't work he was talking about starting Injectables! Yikes! I also have to have an HSG as I mentioned in earlier posts. It looks like it will be late next week sometime.. I'm nervous. The good thing is they say that my chances of getting pregnant during the cycle of the HSG go up to 40%. So, that is pretty cool. I am trying to stay optimistic and continue to stay positive. I have to admit, though, it's getting harder. I am not losing hope yet but those obnoxious thoughts invade my brain every now and then. "When is it going to happen? Will it happen? I can get pregnant but can I STAY pregnant long enough to have a healthy baby?" and so on. I try to push those thoughts aside and think happy thoughts.

So, that is all for tonight. Hope everyone is having a good week. Happy Hump Day!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adventures in House Hunting

So, I promised I would update you all on how our house hunting went. We saw 5 houses.. The first one was a dump (that's putting it nicely). It had an ILLEGAL efficiency where the garage should be and a lot of water damage everywhere. The kitchen was all torn out. Lovely. House #2 There were renters living there and they slammed the door in our faces. House #3 had another illegal efficiency and was the second house in from a busy street. It was decent and with a little TLC could be a very nice house. DH didn't like the noisy street being right there. House #4 was incredible!!!! It was almost too perfect. The house looked like a model. The only problem is we are not quite ready to make an offer and by the time we got home and the real estate lady's housband (who is a mortgage broker) called us to tell us we were pre approved there were already 2 offers for house #4. House #5 had a drifter living in it. He wasn't there when we got there but all of his stuff was and there was a car in the driveway. How do we know he's a drifter? Well, the house is bank owned and the front door had been broken into. All in all we had fun. It was quite an eye-opening experience!! LOL. So, we have 10 more houses we are interested in seeing. I am sooo happy that we are pre-approved for the amount we thought we would get! Woohoo!!!

Next weekend we will be in Pennsylvania. No house hunting until the following weekend.. So, I hope everyone is enjoying your weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Friday!

Not much going on around here.. Tomorrow DH and I are going out to look at houses! I am so excited!! DH sent 10 listings to the real estate lady so we will be very busy.. We have been looking online for a while and I am glad were moving forward and actually going to look at the inside in person. I have figured out that I am addicted to HGTV! I love watching all the house hunting and decorating shows.. It's wild. I never used to watch that channel and now I just cannot get enough!! LOL. I watched it ALL DAY LONG today! haha

6 more days until we go to Pennsylvania!! I cannot wait to see my SIL, BIL and my nieces! I will also get to see a couple of my friends Laney and Mary! Woohoo! I love going up north during winter. Here in South Florida we do not get much of a winter. The coldest it gets is like 45 overnight! My friends think I am nutty but I love the cool crisp air and playing in the snow with "my girls". I even bought some cute winter wear to take up there.. I must say, it is hard to find Winter clothes in Florida. hehe.

In TTC news, I took the other half of my HCG shot this morning. We are supposed to go for a pregnancy test on 1/19 except we will not be in town. I will be testing with a HPT that weekend and then going in for the confirmation on 1/20.. I am nervous. I have not had any symptoms yet but I am thinking it is probably still a little too early.. I am only 6 dpo today. I am starting to feel a little emotional but that does not mean much..

Well, that is all for today. I will update this weekend on how the house hunt went. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

RE Appointment

So, we went to the RE this morning. Everything went pretty well. There was one nice follie measuring in at 17.7 mm. They would like to see it around 18 mm. They also drew some blood to check Estrogen and Progesterone levels. The PA called me back this evening and told me that my Estrogen was 185 and they like to see it above 200. =( So, she told me to go ahead and trigger with the HCG tomorrow and to do our thing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Here is the thing; She was very pessimistic and rude about it!! She was like "The doc says you can trigger tomorrow and I guess you can go ahead and have intercourse....." WTF???? Then she's like " You can come into the office in 2 weeks for a pregnancy test if you want." If I want?!?! WTF is up with that???? Her whole attitude was like "Well, go ahead and induce ovulation so we can start again next cycle.." Gee thanks for the support and optimism, BITCH!!! I understand if the levels are not favorable and the size of the follie is not perfect. But she can at least be nice about it. She always has this attitude about her. Every time I see her it's like I am bothering her or annoying her by just being there. Now you are probably thinking "Why not switch docs?" The doctor is AWESOME!! I love him. Always happy to see us and supportive. He is so nice and very proactive about the whole TTC thing. Even the office staff and the nurse are soo nice. The PA is the only one that is a total bitch. No personality whatsoever!!

Ok, my vent is over.... *Deep Breath* I guess we will trigger tomorrow, do our thing and hope for the best. DH is like " Don't let her get to you." He's right but it's hard sometimes...

In other news, my mom is coming home from a cruise tomorrow. We have been doggie-sitting for her. Don't get me wrong, I love Eddie (the dog) but he is so miserable without his "mommy". He just mopes around and gets excited when he hears a noise outside thinking it's my mom coming back for him. What a dog.. LOL. I miss her too.

Well, that is all for now. Thank you for listening to my vent. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Talk at you later! =)